Day 6, Friday: State of New York

  • Columbia University Tour

Ranked 4th by the U.S.News & World Report for 2013

Columbia University is one of the most historically important institutions of higher education in the world, founded in 1754. By visiting Columbia’s campus you will feel the historic significance of the place, from the 87 Nobel Prize winners associated with Columbia University to students who became US Presidents and Senators, including Columbia student President Barack Obama. The tour provides a general overview of the academic and student life at Columbia University. It offers the opportunity to learn more about the Columbia undergraduate colleges, internships, residential life, extracurricular activities and requirements for admission.

  • Friday Prayer at the Islamic Cultural Center
  • United Nations Tour

Learn about the biggest world organization, its history, its structure, its composition, and who designed the famous buildings located by the East River. Use the opportunity to view the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and remnants of the nuclear explosion in Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Visit the General Assembly Hall, the largest meeting room at the United Nations, where the 192 members of the Organization convene to discuss global issues and tour the Security Council Hall, where critical resolutions on war and peace are made.

  • Central Park Walking Tour

Explore America’s most famous landscaped park. Throughout your tour you will learn many interesting facts including discovering many movie scene locations that you previously saw only on the big screen. You will discover all the fountains, sculptures, bridges, monuments and ponds that are within this massive park that lies at the heart of New York City, as you make your way past bikers, rollerbladers, and the occasional horse-and-buggy.

  • Broadway Show

Visit the famous street in Manhattan that has become the worldwide leader in stage entertainment and enjoy one of the most exciting running shows at it.

  • Overnight in New York City