Academic Leadership


The Academic Leadership Program brings chief academic officers and provosts together with their peers from other institutions to exchange best practices and to find solutions for their shared challenges.

The Academic Leadership Program can help you to:

  • Save money and increase efficiency by benchmarking peer spending, resource allocation, and curriculum design
  • Develop objective internal assessment and evaluation processes
  • Identify and assess new programmatic growth opportunities for specific degree programs
  • Understand the competitive dynamics, key drivers, and effective practices in faculty recruitment and retention

Why to Join?

  • Increased Efficiency: By learning from peers, members reduce the risk of reinventing the wheel when addressing challenges or launching new initiatives. Additionally, AITD’s analysts conduct thorough preliminary research for members to help them allocate limited resources effectively. Finally, our team can help university leaders to decipher and analyze the wealth of data that often exists in house, but is not fully used due to resource constraints.
  • Wisdom of Experience: AITD focuses on higher education, making our team of analysts and practitioners some of the U.S. leading experts on the sector. Additionally, through our membership programs, we are in regular contact with thousands of practitioners in the field to ensure the relevance and timeliness of our analysis.
  • Multi-layered Support: We know that campus leaders have a diverse set of challenges, be they recruiting and retaining students, launching new degree programs, or securing resources. Our peer network, broad research into shared challenges, institution-specific analysis, and one-on-one guidance offer members a complex system of support to meet any challenge effectively.