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We Offer

  • Onsite Career Training specifically designed for the Public Sector Personnel
  • Training delivered by True Subject Matter Experts
  • Trainers who are experienced in government training services
  • Training practical how-to’s that apply to government jobs
  • Government employee training with proven solutions to job growth and career development

AITD  is a leading provider of onsite employee training to federal, state, and city governments.

Our government employee training seminars and workshops address the unique needs of federal, state and city government agencies and improves performance across all levels.  Each Instructor Led Training solution is tailored to meet the specific learning objectives of the agency or department we serve.  Even as budgets continue to tighten, the demand for continued staff development and performance management training grows.  Our proven training solutions provide a cost effective approach to maximize performance management efforts.

Been there – done that.  Because our experienced government employee trainers understand the unique challenges of the public sector workplace, we know how to deliver the high-impact training your agency deserves and can help you select training specifically designed to meet your agency or department needs.