Finding highly qualified consultants at a price that makes sense is hard. Alliance provides a cost-effect consulting solution for most every business challenge.

Working with all types of companies over the last years, the Alliance founders have witnessed first-hand the need for what we call “results-oriented” consulting services.  These “results-oriented” consulting services target the needs of companies too small for the larger corporate consulting firms.

AITD is dramatically altering how companies find, hire, and leverage consultants in a fast paced business climate. Although our consulting services target the smaller project, department, or company, we have the resources and experience to handle large projects as well.  In fact, most of our consultants have experience working with some of the largest international companies.  You will find our quality of service and information provided is second to none no matter what size your project is.

You can rest assured your AITD consultant has the right kind of experience and industry expertise for your consulting need. From time to time, every business owner and manager needs expert advice that goes beyond their current level of knowledge.  That’s when we can help you with the right information to make strategic decisions to move your business in the proper direction.

When budgets are tight and the staff is stretched thin, AITD Training and Consulting can provide cost-effective consulting services you can rely on.  We have experts in most industries and subject matter areas.  From manufacturing process improvement to sales and use tax advice, AITD has the right expert for your needs.